Presentation Folders: Keeping it Together

Keep it all together with presentation folders

If the key to a great presentation is clarity, knowledge and professionalism, why not apply those same principles to your visual aids and presentation materials? While what you say during your presentation is important, it’s the collateral materials you provide that truly give your audience the full scope of what you’re communicating.

We all know the importance of creating the right impression, and if you’re meeting a new customer or providing contracts, invoices and other important documents, every detail counts. Use presentation folders as a subtle but effective way to organize documents and show a level of professionalism to your customers.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to creating your custom folders:

– Keep it simple. Presentation folders are functional – and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Try not to distract your customers with an over complicated cover.
– Got a logo? Use it. Including your company name, tagline and logo will make your folder hard to miss and hard to forget.
– Add a strong image. A folder is a great place to showcase an inspiring image that represents your company and services.
– Think about the contents. If you’ll be using folders for a particular purpose, consider including a short description or introduction on the cover.
– Include contact information. It’s always good practice to let customers know how they can reach you. Make sure to add your phone number, website, email or Facebook page.

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