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Local Commercial Printer: EDJ inkIn an age of technological excellence, the art of applying ink to paper is always changing. Advancements in color management, improvements to machinery, progression to seamless production flow are only some of the developments in recent years. However, members of the print industry are good at putting ink on paper, but not so hot at utilizing modern communication methods. That’s where EDJ ink comes in: while the majority of local printing companies still use antiquated emailing for ordering, EDJ ink provides the forefront of web-to-print solutions to our clients and provides the very best local commercial printer services. Order online, check status, find shipping information; we offer it all. Making it easy to do business with us is our top priority. That, and you support local business through EDJ.

While our ordering is easy, the products and services we offer are even better. Cutting edge equipment paired with top notch production staff can only deliver one product: excellence. We try our best to get every project completed successfully, correctly, and timely the first time. We will resolve any issues to the best of our ability.

Being at the front of innovation in printing, EDJ ink is always experimenting. We implement new substrates, new stocks, and new methods every day to offer you a unique solution to catapult your company to the top. Don’t see it on our webpage? Contact us! Chances are we can probably get it done, or find something even better.

What are you waiting for? You should stop reading and start ordering! Our local commercial printer can help your find a one stop solution. Call us or email us today for a quote on your next project.

Always improving, always innovating, always bleeding edj.

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