SMALL Niche Markets to GROW your Business? YES!

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SMALL Niche Markets to GROW your Business? YES!

Niche Markets: EDJ inkEver wish your marketing efforts could be simplified? Of course you have things like marketing materials, consultants and more to help ease your efforts, but what about starting at the root? What about starting small and targeting niche markets to actually grow your business?

SMALL niche markets to GROW a business???

Wait, small niche markets to grow a business? Doesn’t sound right, does it? But think about it — narrowing your market enables you to dominate whichever field you’re targeting. This not only simplifies your marketing efforts but can invariably help you grow your business because now you have a solid audience which, in turn, can evolve into a customer base.

If you’re already a giant, booming business and folks in all kinds of industries are racing to your site to buy your products, then carry on. But we’re guessing that if you’re reading this, you want to learn about ways you can simplify your marketing efforts. So let us enlighten you.

Your niche market should be highly focused…

Your niche market should be highly focused. In other words, maybe your target demographic has historically been female. That’s cool and all, and your getting somewhere, but this demographic is still so broad – how do you create ads that speak to all of these gazillions of women? You can’t, so do some digging, some soul searching, some sifting through your past experiences, sales history – stuff like that.

Create a customer profile…

See what you can dig up and then customer profile. For example, maybe you find your customer tends to be female, age 35 – 45, living in Southern California and working in the health and wellness industry. There’s your customer profile, and now you have a group that you can market to!

Test the market…

Next, test the market. Try creating a series of ads that you think speak to this niche. You can outsource the work for these ads or, if you’re already a designer, or you work in marketing, you’ve got it covered. Figure out what works and roll with it.

And, of course, this female demographic of physically fit Southern California women ages 35 – 45 is merely an example. Most likely your target market is completely different. That’s good! We want diversity — it’s necessary to corner all areas of the market. Imagine if all of us in the print industry were creating the same ads, or very similar ads? How the heck would we ever catch anyone’s attention?

You can’t be all things to all people…

Just remember, you can’t be all things to all people. And your marketing efforts will be so much easier once you realize this. Set some time aside, gather some info and create that customer profile of yours. It shouldn’t take you more than a few hours. Do keep in mind that it could change after you test the market but in the long run, doing this will save you so much time, so many headaches and, most importantly, it will help you grow your business.