4 Quick and Dirty Marketing Tips…

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Marketing Strategy Tips from the Pros

Marketing Strategy: EDJ inkHave you ever wondered how to make the most of your EDJ ink marketing efforts? Marketing print products to your customers can be daunting, but follow these FOUR Quick and Dirty Marketing Tips and you’ll be on your way to creating stellar campaigns with fab results:

  • Number 1: Speak to your target audience, and speak to them as if you’re having a conversation with them. This is key. Of course use your own best judgement as far as when it’s appropriate to speak in a more formal tone (i.e., new customer acquisition, a more conservative clientele, etc.). But in general, a conversational tone gains your customers’ trust. People love feeling like they’re being spoken to directly, and you can also tailor your message to your specific audience.
  • Number 2: Clarify your differentiation or niche. Make sure that you’ve developed a personal branding style that will resonate with your target audience. If you tend to sell to folks that work in the food industry, for example, your strategy may involve copy that speaks to foodies, and you’ll be marketing products like Table Tent Cards and Wine Boxes. If your customers tend to work in the fashion industry, your marketing style will be more driven by fashion trends, and you’ll likely be marketing products like Hang Tags and Custom Boxes.
  • Number 3: Use keywords. When people are scouring the internet to find your company, they’ll be typing in certain words. Use sites like Google AdWords to help you discover the keywords that people are using to locate companies like yours. Use those keywords on your blog, in your marketing campaigns, and on social media.
  • Number 4: Include a call to action. This is probably the most important step because it’s how you close and seal the deal. If there’s no call to action in your campaign, you’re giving your customers an extra entire step to complete before making their purchase. It takes just a few extra seconds to type, “Click here for details,” or “Buy me!” with a link to your product. And it’s SO worth those extra seconds. Believe us.

Have fun with your campaigns!