Boomerang installs new signage made by a new local printer

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Boomerang installs new signage made by a new local printer

By Mandy Marksteiner (Mandy Marsteiner, LLC:

After being in business for a year and a half, Boomerang Consignment and Resale (Boomerang on Facebook) is ready to install permanent signage above their door.

edj-ink-boomerang-signageBoomerang’s owner, Anna Dillane, researched several sign vendors and decided to work with a local print shop, EDJ ink, owned by Patrick Brenner.

“He was wonderful,” said Anna Dillane, owner of Boomerang Consignment on Central Avenue. “He was incredibly attentive and willing to stretch outside what he normally did.”

Since opening her business, Dillane struggled with the process of getting a sign for her store. She said that out of the ten sign contractors that she contacted, eight were unwilling to work with Los Alamos businesses.

That’s when she met Brenner, who was ready to get started right away. She said, “I was so thrilled with how easy he was to work with and his attention to detail. He even came to some of the sign code meetings with the County to make sure that the sign fit the requirements.”

The sign was designed by Brenda Fleming, a local graphic designer. Dillane said, “It’s gorgeous. It’s a work of art.”

“Patrick is a perfectionist, which is something we don’t see often,” said Dillane. “In fact, the first sign wasn’t perfect. There was a little bit of white showing along the edge. He was horrified, and had them reprinted.”

Dillane was so happy with her sign that she told her neighbors about it. Soon Warm Hearts Yarn and Atomic City Quilts will have new signs printed by EDJ ink.

The name EDJ ink refers to “full bleed” printing, where the ink goes all the way to the edge of the paper and doesn’t have a white border. Even though using full bleed is the industry standard for professional printers, EDJ ink is the only local company that specializes in it.

“The printing costs were unbelievably good. And I was so happy to spend my money with someone local,” said Dillane. “It is always pleasant to have him walk in the door with his colorful shirts, his bow tie, and a big smile – always. He’s a breath of fresh air. He’s just a fun guy.”

On his website,, Brenner makes this promise: To get every project completed successfully and correctly, the first time. They will resolve any issues to the best of their ability. Finally, if there is a service that you don’t see on their website, they will get it done or offer something even better.

Visit, call 505.908.9335, or email them at

The original article on the Los Alamos Daily Post: Local Printer Creates Exterior Sign