Oh, the Glorious Benefits of a Good Presentation Folder….

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Oh, the Glorious Benefits of a Good Presentation Folder….

Hey there, Outsourcing Superstars! Here’s a question for y’all: Why Presentation Folders? Has anyone ever pondered such a thing? We know that there are loads of folks out there who use ’em like crazy, but they’re often limited to very niche industries — Real Estate, Health and Medical, to name a few. But Presentation Folders are great branding tools, particularly for new businesses.

Let’s face it, first impressions are everything. It’s true! And Presentation Folders are such a phenomenal way for a new business to make a great first impression. Let’s say, for example, your customer is showing up to a meeting where he or she (or they) will be promoting their product or service. Only there are swarms of people touting similar products or services, and your customer isn’t the the only one showing up to this meeting.

By planning ahead and creating a well-designed, branded Presentation Folder for their marketing materials, they’ll very likely be two steps ahead of their competitors. And we can assure you that the time and resources spent to create personalized Presentation Folders do not go unnoticed by potential clients. Of course all marketing materials are important, from quality Business Cards, to Brochures and Flyers. But the Presentation Folder is one that often gets neglected, and it’s one of those products that really shows prospects that your customer has gone the extra mile.

Make sure to market these to your customers because, well, they’re awesome! Your customers will thank you!

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