6 Easy Ways to Declutter your Small Space for your Business

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6 Easy Ways to Declutter your Small Space for your Business

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Do you run your business out of a small space? Are you always feeling cramped – like you never have enough room to count inventory, you have papers cluttering your home, and receipts are mixed in with your take-out menus? Running a small business out of a little space can be a challenge, but you can take that challenge and turn it into a fun project.


One thing that’s great about small spaces is that there’s really no room for clutter, so this will force you to be extra neat and tidy. Your first job is to declutter. Start by simply throwing away or storing anything that you absolutely do not need — this can be really cathartic. Get rid of things like paper weights, bobblehead statues, snow globes — You get the idea. Throw your knickknacks away, unless they’re family heirlooms and you have some sentimental reason for wanting to keep them. In this case, store them.


Next, create a list of everything that you use to run your business. If your business involves sales of a product or product, your list might look something like this: E.g., 1. Inventory, 2. Laptop, 3. Product sheets, 4. Inventory list, 5. Printer, 6. Packaging material.


Next, highlight the items that need to be in front of you at all times while you’re working. Most likely that will only be a few items – e.g., laptop, paper and pens (or similar). Decide which items you’ll need to have regular access to and start building your little work space.


Use a small desk and, if you can, take advantage of your wall space by adding some shelving. Ikea is a great place for inexpensive shelving that you can use for files, small boxes with samples or prototypes, and more. If you rent your space and can’t put up shelving, try purchasing a desk that contains built in shelves. Dry erase boards also come in handy if you’re someone who likes to write things down — another way to avoid clutter by eliminating the need to jot notes down on paper.


Try using small LED desk lamps as opposed to floor lamps. These take up less space on the floor. And small LEDs are still bright enough to light up your entire work space. Also, if you’re currently using a desktop computer and can afford to invest in a laptop, do it! This is one of the best space saving solutions there is. If you can’t afford a new laptop, just make sure that your desk only holds your monitor and keyboard and, if possible, have a desk with a sliding keyboard shelf. If you have reference guides or other pieces of literature that you like to refer to, try to find it online and use digital versions. Just about everything that you need will be available on the internet, so get rid of big books and pieces of paper. They only produce more clutter.


Furniture that doubles as storage is another excellent way to reduce clutter for your small business. Get some if you can. Store things inside like inventory, books, papers and files — items that you don’t need constant access to.

And there you have it. Stick to these space saving solutions and your life (and, most importantly, your business) will remain clutter free. Here’s to a smooth and tidy road to small business success!